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Basin 2 Way is constantly striving to improve the computing and internet experience of its customers. The internet is filled with hidden downloads to AntiVirus scams, spyware, virus infections, and various sorts of malware. Check out the links below for FREE protection that is available to you to download or use online. If you are interested in a higher level of protection that the free protection does not seem to provide then contact us and ask about AVG Internet Security or Internet Security for Business.

* Basin 2 Way recommends that you use only one active virus protection program due to conflicts that can occur if more than one is used at a time. Any virus protection used should be used in tandem with a good spyware protection program.


Broadband Wireless Internet

Wireless Grid DishBasin 2 Way Radio was incorporated in 1995 as a local business in Big Spring, Texas.  Kevin Calley and Tommy Hildebrand along with David Murphy started the company as a communication service company dealing mainly with commercial 2 way radios.  As technology improved to allow communication between computers and needs for higher speed for this type communication Basin 2 Way started looking for ways to offer customers in Big Spring and surrounding areas better means of using these communication channels with a new type of technology known today as Wireless Internet.  Basin 2 Way is the oldest continual high speed internet service in Big Spring and introduced itself as a full fledged ISP in early 2000 and has multiplied its customer base to where it is today.  What does this all mean to customers in Big Spring and the surrounding area?  Now the people of Big Spring have better options for the types of internet service available in the area.  Basin 2 Way offers Broadband Wireless Internet to all their customers by giving them fast download and upload speeds.  Are you tired of your old dial-up internet service and slow downloads?  Call the friendly staff at Basin 2 Way today at (432)264-7034 and ask about the Broadband Wireless Internet and the availability of service in your area.  What puts Basin 2 Way apart from DSL and Cable internet, is there are not any credit checks or no long term contracts, and Basin 2 Way is able to give customers broadband internet where other ISP's cannot go.

Basin 2 Way offers many other services such as:

   Networking, LANs, WANs, and Wireless

Red Bullet    Tower Services Radio Tower

Red Bullet    Computer Repairs, Upgrades, and Diagnostics


Basin 2 Way specializes in servicing the telecommunications market for Kenwood, Motorola, and other 2 Way Radios.  Basin 2 Way offers many other types of telecommunications service such as: